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Spanish Lessons in Paradise

Learn Spanish the easy way
at Amiga's 'unschool' in Mexico.

-An alternative approach-

November 1 thru April 1
(because that is when the weather is perfect!)

At Amiga's learning Spanish is
fast   >>    (rapido)
fun     >>    (divertido)
effective   >>  (efectivo) 

Hey, wow, you just learned three words.
They're fun to say, come on, give it a whirl:

-pronounce the "i" like "ee" in seed-  

rapido ... (-pee-doh)
divertido ... (dee-ver-tee-doh)
 efectivo ... (e-fek-tee-vo)

All classes are designed for learning conversational Spanish in a relaxed atmosphere. We combine excursions, and classroom type settings. Strong, clear, grammar instruction. Cultural awareness tips. All instructor/guides are bilingual.

Private and Semi-private classes are custom designed to your requirements, with completely flexible hours. We delight in designing courses to suit your special requirements.

Our goals are: to get you speaking spanish fast
to teach you all the tricks and short-cuts that most textbooks withhold
to teach verbs in family groups - more short-cuts
to teach you to use a Spanish dictionary effectively
to teach you to be independent as rapidly as possible
 &&&&&&& to have fun doing the above

No Doubt you already pronounce Amigo perfectly.
Amigo - friend (male type version)
Amiga - friend (female type version)

Here are the two major Amiga's

Founder & Director Bonnie Gibson with
Head Instructor Maria Gonzalez

DON'T BOTHER with Amiga's IF:
  You dislike clean white beaches, palm trees and great waves.
You prefer to learn in an environment which includes desks, textbooks and examinations.
You love city life: pollution traffic noise, lineups, expensive nightclubs.
You are basically dull and prefer the company of other dullards.

What is so alternative about Amiga's?
FUN We are dedicated to the philosophy that learning is most successful when the process is fun. Philosophic core


We offer private, semi-private, and small group classes.


Beach, Beach, Beach. There is no school building -- you will be learning Spanish in the University of Life: our bilingual teachers will guide you as you bargain for taxis, buy goods in local markets, visit local businesses and artisans, restaurant hop, and cruise the bay at sunset. We also sit around the table with pen and paper at times -- a certain amount of hard core grammar, taught in the right way, actually saves time.
PRACTICALITY We prioritize for you, the phrases, words, and verb tenses, that you need for immediate communication needs.
Amiga's provides a hands-on, practical method that really works.

Actually, we're more than alternative, we're down right radical.

What's so Radical about Amiga's?
We teach Spanish the way it is actually spoken, including slang, which is a vital part of any culture and language. By the way, we will be working from 5 different books, none of which you need to buy. You will be creating your own textbook. Materials
SHORT CUTS Schools don't like short-cuts, but we at the un-school love them and think you deserve to know them. Our physicalized teaching methods simplify the learning process. We have developed a teaching system that gives you a command of 75 full Spanish sentences after your first class. But here's the really good news. You only have to learn 15 new words and one grammar trick to say those 75 sentences.
MAGIC VERBS There are five irregular verbs, which we call the “heart of the language” verbs, or the magic verbs. They're a bit nasty to memorize, thus most schools (and textbooks) don't teach them until lesson 20, 30, or 40. Conquering these verbs will transform your relationship to learning Spanish. We teach the magic verbs in your first ten hours.

Quotes from students:
“Wow! What an empowering system. You really got me speaking Spanish fast.”
Kumlai Zannu, London, England

“You're worth your weight in gold.”

Ian Johnston, Colorado

“Exactly what I wanted. Well organized, great fun, super teachers. I'll be back for more.”

Liz Barton, Vancouver, Canada

What kind of people attend Amiga's?

So far we've had students from nine countries, running from Japan to Norway; our age range from 16 to 'she's not telling.'

Okay, if you've read this far, I guess you deserve to know the name of the wonderful little town where all this takes place. Barra de Navidad has managed to remain an off-beaten-path jewel for years, and we intend to keep it that way for as long as possible.
Why Barra De Navidad?
The waves are just big enough to be really fun, but small enough that ocean swimming is inviting and enjoyable.
Surfing is best in January and February.
WEATHER Day after day of blue skies and sunshine, gorgeous sunsets into the shimmering Pacific, mild evening breezes, with temperatures ranging from 70 - 90 F. It doesn't get much better.
AUTHENTICITY Barra maintains its charm as a small fishing village, but it is also a favorite weekend beach haunt for wealthy Guadalajarans. (Great for practicing your Spanish.) Most hotels and restaurants have one staff member who speaks English.
HIGH SERVICE STANDARDS Considering the fact that the town is so small it offers all the modern conveniences. Bottled water, cappuccino, international cuisine, medical services, fax, (e-mail requires a long distance call to Guadalajara), several live music venues, and a host of excellent Mexican restaurants. There is also world class fishing, tennis, snorkeling, golf, and kayaking. November thru Dec. 18 is ideal for those who truly seek a quiet retreat. Starting with the Christmas season, right through to St. Patrick's day, there is a healthy live music scene. If you want a party-town with the nightlife of Cancun or Puerto Vallarta please go there!
ACCESSIBILITY Barra de Navidad is 20 minutes north of the Manzanillo airport, or a 3 1/2 hr. first class bus ride south of Puerto Vallarta.

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